The Title


Why is this comic called ‘Without Moonlight’?


The title was inspired by a particular song associated with the Nazi Occupation of 1942-45 as well as the subsequent Civil War, that completely delineates the mood, thoughts and feelings of the people at that time. The song’s title was “It’s become dark without a moon” (Νύχτωσε χωρίς φεγγάρι), by Apostolos Kaldaras. Thus, the comic’s name ‘Without Moonlight’, as the stories in it will be strictly about the people in Occupied Greece, not about the soldiers fighting at the various fronts- though you may be sure to expect snippets of that too.


Here are the translated lyrics to the song, and a link for anyone willing to listen to it. Just be warned, that the song is of the ‘rembetika’ genre, which means that it is the equivalent of Blues for the Greeks, and this is a song of lament. Your ear may need to be trained to listen to it with full appreciation :)


It’s Become Dark Without a Moon


It’s become dark without a moon,

The darkness is deep

Yet still a young lad

Cannot find sleep.


Wonder what he’s waiting for

From night until the morning

By the narrow window

He’s lighting with a candle?


He opens the door, he closes the door,

Sighing heavily,

Wish I could guess at

His heart’s deep chagrin.  


Remember, those interested in analyzing these lyrics, that a door in Hellenic poetry is often used to symbolize death or birth. It is a recurring pattern. Also, darkness is often a symbol for whatever calamity the song is about. Candles often are associated with hope. In this case, they are also a reference to political prisoners.


And lastly, you will find that many songs about our Nation and our Country often come across like love songs, from a lover to his mistress, or a son/daughter to a mother (the latter though are far more obvious).


And here’s the link to the song!