Comic 84 - Chapter 3, page 18
15th Sep 2014, 1:08 AM in Hunt or Be Hunted
Chapter 3, page 18
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Author Notes:
Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine
What's this? A new update so soon!

I don't know how this happened. I just sat down while a little tipsy on retsina and didn't stop until I was done (9 hours later).

Eichel totally stole Bohm's champagne.
User comments:
Allzephyr edit delete reply
"How dare you loaf around and drink champagne while there's vital work to be done? That's MY job you conniving cad! And give me that drink."

On the plus side though Fotis has only been whipped so far, nothing unbearable. The problem will be when the Nazis get more creative.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Ha ha! yep, very well said.

It's true that whipping is probably the tamest of the nazi torture repertoire. It can still kill you tho. :/
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
I'm going to officially award this page the honor of Most Likely to Cause Mood Whiplash. I was chortling out loud at the top half. The bottom half, not so much.

(Re: the top half: stealing his drink! Bohm totally slacking off and being really bad at hiding it! Regrettable haircuts! Super-sinister uniforms + incongrous bow ties!)

In some ways, this comic reminds me of some Pratchett books, Night Watch especially. Like, really serious story plus snort-out-loud reminders of human nature. Or something. It's too late at night to make sense.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Aw, thank you! I must admit that I do want to display this sort of thing- that in this extreme situation where the worst (and best) in humans comes up, the mundane elements of human nature stay active too :)

(also, the dress uniform of the SS totally makes them look like sinister singing waiters. XD)
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
"Sinister singing waiters" nails it.