Comic 81 - Chapter 3, page 16
10th Aug 2014, 8:35 PM in Hunt or Be Hunted
Chapter 3, page 16
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Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine
I am finally back! I'm sorry for the unnannounced hiatus. I do have a good excuse though. First, my best friend Pit Face came from the US to Greece last month, so I had little chance to sit down to work on comics.

Then right after she left, they fire-bombed my car. It's burnt up now, and it was done in continuation of an assortment of threats we've been getting over our activism. Anyway that took up more of my time so... yeah, more delay. :/

But now I've more or less sorted things out with paperwork and stuff, so we resume with another page!!

Bohm gets all the ladies. :P

What he's referring to by 'September's bombing' is the bombing of the collaborationist National Socialist Patriotic Organization (ESPO) by a pretty early resistance group called PEAN (Panhellenic Union of Fighting Youths) .

In early November 1942 PEAN's leader (and key members) was caught by betrayal, and that's one of the things they are celebrating here.

The other thing is that they feel they will be able to bring the Paneuropean Fascist Youth over to Greece with PEAN gone (who were bombers) and up to then no real strong resistance with a solid stance.

The Paneuropean Fascist Youth was founded on September 15 1942 in Vienna, and spread to Italy and maybe Denmark as far as I know (from newspapers of the era). It's very hard to get info on this particular attempt of the Axis to make far right national socialist youth militias across Europe.

Anyway, right now they feel they're on a roll and their informants are the key to quenching every gaggle of insurgents. :P
User comments:
Allzephyr edit delete reply
That's crazy, who are "they" anyway? I admire your persistence in the face of adversity but it's probably time to start taking precautions. Public transportation seems like a good bet (can't bomb that.) Unless, of course, they *are* crazy enough to do that.

Back to the story though, there is nothing I quite hate like patriotic traitors. It makes little logical sense but WWII is full of them.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
It is a little crazy, but everything in Greece is crazy lately. Even laws voted in these days are insane and if we were to read about them in a dystopia post apocalyptic novel we'd still call bullshit and criticize the author for heavy handedness. XD I have taken precautions as much as possible but really, if someone REALLY wants to kill you they'll find a way to do it. I'm not concerned. Everyone owes a death in this lifetime, Greeks say ;)

As for the patriotic traitors- you and me both! Reading newspapers of the time is very surreal. But I've come to realise that a very conscious and aggressive effort was made to present fascism as patriotism, and the far right as the only way to ascribe to national ideals. So every fascist since then (and ever since) claims to be the super-uber-patriot when in reality he/she is a complete sell out to very anti-nationalistic tennets, and that includes the nation of Germany in my opinion, and every single Nation at that.
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
GEEZ. Ok, I'm not going to tell you to be careful, since I'm sure you're being as careful as you're willing to be under the circumstances, but ...eesh. Good luck.

I realize I probably shouldn't grill you if you don't want to discuss it in detail, but ... this isn't the Golden Dawn or anything, is it? (Hurries off to read Greek news that I've neglected while reading about Ukraine.)

Patriotic traitors are so interesting! (I say with totally inappropriate cheer...) I guess it makes some kind of twisted sense in the context of WWII, from the little I know about French collaboration -- assuming you already have this weird nationalistic attitude towards ethnic minorities that Bohdan would consider a little extreme, and then, huh, some guys show up and offer to get rid of them for you, how handy. O_O It might seem patriotic to support them, if you define patriotism like that.

On a lighter (?) note, ehhh, I can't see it. I bet Bohm gets all the ladies on account of being high-ranking and probably driving a fancy car and stuff. :P I mean, I'm not sure that he wouldn't look better if he didn't have that "I'm AWESOME" expression all the time, but he does, so...

On the other hand, looks like a really nice house! That's a background I would totally go hang out in, if the current company wasn't there.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Thank you! Yes I'm being as careful as possible given the circumstances :) I don't think it's Golden Dawn, the threats have come directly from the governmental channels, so to speak, rather than any 'extremes' or 'hooligans' or anything of the like. We'll see.

Patriotic traitors are very interested in that mesmerising manner that you can't look away from a train wreck or something especially gross. XD At least for me. Greek 'patriotic' traitors are different than the french ones in that at the time Greece was 99% homogenous Greeks, if not 100% per cent. Literally any single non Greek was an exotic curiosity rather than a minority or a threat issue or anything like that.

BUT- the ones treated as a minority that had to be expunged were the leftist/communist/democratic Greeks (at the time Greece was a (forced) kingdom and the king was German. XD), especially the greeks vying and pushing for a system as direct-democratic as possible and a bottom-up power system in administration. And that's who the patriotic traitors were more than happy to help/ invite the invaders to eradicate. It was just an added bonus that there was big business to be had and they also got the houses of the jewish greeks.

That is a very nice house indeed! It's in Dionysiou Areopagitou street (that's the wide paved street RIGHT under the rock f the Acropolis) which is the priciest street in all of Greece and at a time I think it was the priciest in all of Europe. It belonged to a big governmental party dog, if you permit me the expression.

As for Bohm: that's exactly why he gets all the ladies. XD And I'm happy his 'I'm Awesome' expression gets to you, it does to me too! XD It's like he's asking to be punched.
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
Ugh, that's almost worse. Makes it harder to call the cops. Good luck.

Huh, interesting! I don't know squat about Greek demographics of the era. Huh. Very much in the interests of the people in power to side with the invades in crushing those political groups. (And gosh, knowing more about the roots of those political tensions make the Greek Civil War and the later Junta make so much more sense.)

Cool. I love the lighting; it's really pretty. Too pretty for the likes of Bohm. (Speaking of his expression, there's a word -- "backpfeiffengesicht" -- that means "a face that really really just needs to be punched." :P )

Oh, and I love how fluid and natural your expressions and poses are.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine

I'm impressed you're aware of the civil war and the junta! (I ...may have told you that before, forgive me if I did). But yes, they do! The reason for them was exactly because WWII and the occupation not only did NOT uproot this 'leftist/democratic element' in Greece, but it made it so massive that post war Greece risked becoming a real democracy while ousting the pre war political staff too. So then, Scoby and Papandreou made sure the Civil War happened. If you're ever interested in such details I'll be happy to explain and share!

Hahahaha! That's exactly what word fits Bohm!!

And thank you once again :) Finally, we get some fashion in WM and non-scruffy people. Which might be the only thing they got going for them.
Charil edit delete reply
I was about to say something like "oh it sounds like you've had a good time lately!" but then I got to the bit about your car -- and why your car was targeted, specifically. Yikes :( Hope you're staying safe over there! I know things are kind of hectic in Greece right now, and over here in the US we'd say "you should find somewhere safer to stay until things calm down!" but as a not-quite-American I say good on you, to stand by your country at a time like this :) Just as long as you DO keep safe, haha.

As to the comic, I find it really intriguing, this point you've brought up about patriotic traitors (so you say in the comments. I use the term "hypocrites" myself, haha). From a psychological standpoint, I've always found such a thing fascinating. What on Earth would make a person who allegedly loves their country support such atrocities being done to it? Fear? Money? Do they see their country as a sinking ship and find this is the best way to stay afloat, or do they just like to listen to themselves talk?

... it's something I've thought a lot about haha.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Thanks Charil! Like I've said I'm keeping as safe as can be :)

The term 'hypocrites' I think is the most accurate and correct one for that sort of people. I think the chance to seize power, money and change the power grid in the country they allegedly 'love' (read: 'feel entitled to possess') are the key motivators in this. And I'm sure listening to themselves talk is also an added bonus. XD
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
I would bet cash on the barrelhead she's as fluent as he is.