Comic 70 - Ask Bones and Fotis anything!
31st Jul 2013, 8:24 PM
Ask Bones and Fotis anything!
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Author Notes:
Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine

Bask in the awesomeness of Abt_Nihil's fanart while you read this announcement!

Next quackcast (a weekly podcast at the Drunk Duck site), the awesome Ozoneocean and Banes are hosting me and my brain children- Basil and Fotis, for an interview where they'll be answering any and every question posed to them! (now, HOW they will answer them is another matter but that's where the fun is! :D)

So please help me rack up as many question as possible! Write up questions for them in the comments, and I will read them out for them to answer. Anything goes! As many as you like :D

Thanks and I hope you'll be a part of this! I will post the link to the radio show (and Basil and Fotis coming to life!) in the comments as soon as it's up next week!

(also, for those just coming here, there is a new page up from July 25th for you to see :) )
User comments:
JustNoPoint edit delete reply
I always love his art!
Should they be asked if they need to be tied down during the questioning? Poking at all the times characters get captured and interrogated :P
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Nah, they'll be there of their own accord. :P