Comic 164 - Chapter 5, page 31
17th Jun 2019, 10:27 AM in Keep the Line or Cross It
Chapter 5, page 31
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Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine
This is why kids shouldn’t be involved in wars.

This is the end of Chapter 5!

Next time is the Chapter 6 cover, which you can see right now if you’re my patron!

Next update is going to be on July 1st!

Also, exclusively for my patrons there’s a new short story from Basil’s childhood, about how he met his mentor, with 4 rough illustrations! I’m very excited for it! Hope you get to see it! 😀
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Candralar edit delete reply
It's basically an impossible situation the kids are in. Neither Diomedes or Alex is totally right or totally wrong here and how is anyone, let alone children, supposed to know how to handle and deal with the daily life or death circumstances they find themselves in.

Another great chapter! There was action, intrigue, suspense, drama...I'm really impressed by your story. Everything about it is incredibly well-done from the bigger action scenes to the smaller emotional moments between characters.