Comic 11 - Chapter 1, page 6
18th Sep 2011, 6:00 PM in Leap to Eat
Chapter 1, page 6
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Author Notes:
Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine
The kids' hideout is a place that actually exists, and currently serves a mean cocktail, right before those very same barrels in the old center of Athens, named Plaka ;)
User comments:
JustNoPoint edit delete reply
If he keeps acting like that he'll never get his rifle!!!

For good reason too. He looks like he'd use it there! :P
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Heheheh! You're right. Even present day Cretans have the rep of being trigger-happy ;)
Neil Kapit (Guest) edit delete reply
Really love the bright, bold sound effects. They pop even better with the more subdued and saturated color palette of the comic.