Comic 105 - Chapter 4, page 5
27th Feb 2016, 12:57 AM in Friend and Foe
Chapter 4, page 5
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Tantz Aerine edit delete
Tantz Aerine
Finally an update!
The main black market was situated in Panepistimiou avenue, very near Syntagma square in the center of Athens, in this magnificent building (basically a shopping mall) that still exists today, with a commemorative plaque about its grim history. It has a beautiful glass ceiling gallery and several different small room-like stores. Black marketers had ‘double fronts’ so to speak: they had tables outside their stores where they sold their poorest quality merchandise (usually spoilt food) at the legal prices, and inside they had the better quality merchandise that they sold at exorbitant prices, taking advantage of the famine rampant in Athens at the time.
…and here’s Diomedes! And Stelios! Some answers provided finally right? Bet some of you had guessed it though.
Also, for the history buffs, or fellow Greeks, you might recognise the tribute to some pretty famous photos (of the rare few) of black marketers at work.
User comments:
Candralar edit delete reply
One of the things I really like about this comic is how you incorporate real places of historical significance into the story. You could have just drawn some random building and say it was the Athens' central black market and people would never know, but it makes things so much more authentic knowing that this is what the actual Athens' black market looked like.
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
Thank you!

In all honesty though I wouldn't have gotten away with it if I had just put in a random building, because Greeks also read this story :D
Candralar edit delete reply
Yes, good point. :)